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Antinomy and Antagony

Most people conflate Democracy with the Rule of Law.

In Democracy, everyone gets an equal say. In the Rule of Law, that which is ‘said’ is expressed in the form of a rule, regulation, law, or statute.

Our Democracy is dysfunctional (now verging on nonfunctional) because the Democratic Process is operating in the framework of the Rule of Law.

That’s a mathematically silly framework to be operating in.

We should be operating in the framework of System Functions instead of rules, regulations, laws, and statutes.

If you want to build a well-regulated high-functioning system, you don’t build it out of rules. That’s a silly, juvenile, idiotic, unscientific thing to do. Rather you build it out of functions. And not just any haphazardly chosen functions. You have to build it out of functions that mathematically solve the System Model for ethical best practices to reach (democratically chosen) goal states.

If you try to build your regulatory system or guidance system out of rules, regulations, laws, and statutes, you will inevitably end up with an erratic, chaotic, dysfunctional, nightmarish regulatory/guidance juggernaut, flush with antinomy and antagony.

Antinomy, in case you didn’t know, is a term used in logic and epistemology.

Antinomy is “the mutual incompatibility — real or apparent — of two laws.” Antagony is either a (now defunct) blackened death metal band or John Milton’s idea of an epic battle between Christ and Belial.

Antagony by Robert Steven Connett

Antagony” by Robert Steven Connett is a painting of antagonism, disaffection and hostility which, according to the artist, illustrates addiction, sickness, symbols of war, insanity and people watching too much TV.

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